• Are you planning important negotiations with foreign partners?

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gallery/подложка синяя 3

    Offer from a professional translation agency: 

  • Interpreters experienced in the subject of your order


Our interpreters base is quite vast. Dealing with any language direction we are forming a team of experts based on their experience in a specific theme.

  • Certified interpreters


Our team consists of interpreters whose knowledge was confirmed by a certificate or a diploma. It’s a priori guarantee of quality for future work. Availability of such a document confirms the legality of any actions and as a result, the possibility to engage in any notarial contracts. 

  • Efficient action under force majeure circumstances


Before any start of the interpreting process, we already have a strict vision how to react in the circumstances of a non-nominal situation. We understand that the interpreter, like any other person, may be influenced by "force majeure circumstances". The slightest percent it may happen, but you should know that we are prepared for all eventualities. In the case of force majeure, we will provide a worthy replacement for the specialist within the shortest possible time.

  • Any Specialist at your pleasure


The situations are known when you have specific demands to the personality of the interpreter. So not only knowledge and experience are important, but also the personal characteristics of an interpreter. Gender, age, a temper of speech, demeanour, dress style - all these details are discussed and taken into account at the time of specialist selecting. We often suggest choosing a specialist you would like to work with, depending on your demands.

  • Are you going to arrange a presentation to expand the own business into foreign markets?


  • Have you purchased an equipment when technical consultants of the producer speak an unknown language?

Situations like these are when you need a consecutive interpreter!