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Apostile. Legalization


      Both Apostille and Consular legalization are means of document's legalization for it to be used on the territory of another country. Which kind of those means to choose depends on the target country. 


    Before 1961, all countries required only to use Consular legalization to bring a document into legal force at their territory. This process was time-consuming and complex since it consists of integrated certification in ministries of the issuing country. After the Hague Convention was held, most countries have simplified this process by having defined the single and accepted by the Convention participants stamp called Apostille. 

                   Apostille or Consular legalization?

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Countries have acceded to the Apostille Convention: more details here


Countries that accept Consular legalization process only:   Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Canada, Costa Rica, Kuwait, China (except for Macao and Hong Kong), Libya, UAE, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Chile, Sri Lanka.    
* for the third party to perform legalization process it is required to have a Power of Attorney certified by the notary.


Double Apostille – what is it?

A number of countries recognize the validity of a document at their territory only after Double Apostille procedure.  In this case, the first Apostille is affixed to the original of the document, then the notarized translation is made; the second Apostille is affixed to the notarized translation. 
Countries that require Double Apostille: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland.

Apostille. Price list

Consular legalization. Price list


Apostille of the documents issued by Civil Status Registration Office since 1992


Ministry of Justice

1 business day

2-4 business days

UAH 400

UAH 200


Apostille of notarial documents


Ministry of Justice

1 business day

2-4 business days

UAH 400

UAH 200


Apostille of the Certificate of no criminal record, the medical certificate, the registration card approved by the regional migration service, etc.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

3 business days

7 business days

UAH 700

UAH 450


Apostille of the educational documents


Ministry of Education


up to 30 business days (issued before 1991)


up to 20 business days (issued before 1991)


10 business days (issued after 1991)


2 business days (issued after1991)


UAH 460



UAH 750



UAH 580 



UAH 830


Commercial documents provided by the legal persons


Ministry of Justice

up to 3 business days

up to 7 business days


UAH 1380

UAH 790



Consular legalization of private documents


Ministry of Justice + Ministry of Foreign 

5 or 10 business days 


UAH 450 (up to 10 days) 


UAH 650

(up to 5 days) 


Consular legalization for companies 


Ministry of Justice + Ministry of Foreign Affairs

5 or 10 business days 


UAH 890 (up to 10 days) 


UAH 1530

(up to 5 days)