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High school diplomas. Degree certificates.




       While using foreign diplomas and certificates in Ukraine, you will need to translate them into Ukrainian. When ordering the service of translation, you have to be aware of the requirements to the document drafting.  Important to know which way of translation certification is required. Whether it will be certified with translation agency seal or a notary certified translation of the diploma and extra education-related documents. In the first instance, the service will be completely FREE of charges but only provided by our Company. In the latter case, the price may vary from UAH 80 to UAH 120 per a document.


       Certified translation of education-related documents issued in Ukraine may be required during the process of filing into foreign embassies in our country. Thus a photocopy of the original bonded with a translation shall undergo certification procedure.


         When education-related documents consist of several parts (a diploma and a supplement, for instance), a notary officer certifies each part separately charging payment for each document.

Legalization of diploma and other education-related documents in Ukraine:

         Usually, Ukrainians need a service of translation for education-related documents in order to continue their studying abroad or to work abroad. In the most European countries, the documents accepted after a procedure of legalization in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. So we will be pleased to help you to pare down expenses and time spending to the minimum. 

      EXPERT translation agency provides a multilingual translation of education-related documents.  We execute your order on A4-size pages where form and structure of the document most closely resemble the original version. Degree certificates and high school diplomas belong to the category of standard documents and possess a fixed price to any language. Standard translation procedure takes place for one working day. Price for translation of a diploma supplement is calculated depending on the final number of characters.


        There are two types of Legalization procedure: consular legalization and Apostille.


Apostilles to education-related documents are affixed by Competent Authorities designated by the government of a state which is party to The Hague Convention. Signatories agreed to simplify a complex and time-consuming procedure of legalization. That type of legalization lasts from 2 to 10 working days. Price for the service of affixing depends on terms and starts from UAH 300 per a document. More details on our price for Apostille / Legalization here.


Consular legalization - a complex and multi-step process for the countries that have not accepted the terms of The Hague Convention.


Countries allowing only consular legalization: United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and others, some countries in Latin America: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, etc., Africa (Egypt) and China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau).



EXPERT translation agency usually deals with the legalization of education-related documents for such countries as:




United Arab Emirates











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The service of a Legalization of a diploma in Ukraine is a highly demanded one to resolve the issue on "legalization of the diploma for the UAE". Due to the increased interest of Ukrainian citizens in work in the United Arab Emirates, the question how to legalize education-related documents obtained its top priority. 

Certified translation of the diploma and other education-related documents