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Economy and Finance Translation



     Economic translation is one of the most difficult areas of a translation. Skills of the specialist do not restrict only by knowledge of the terminology. It is important to have a substantive understanding of what the text is about. We perfectly penetrate the whole importance of the professional translation. Either work with marketing materials or a translation of analytical market reviews, articles on macroeconomics or other translation of economic articles we always entrust the order exclusively to professionals.


       Financial translation into English is a widespread direction of our daily practice. The service is popular both among individuals and for the B2B market. Translation of financial documentation is used within various types of transactions, supporting the deals with real estate abroad, even if the divorce proceedings the question becomes more important than ever.


      EXPERT bureau of professional translations may help you to interpret the most complex texts in that area. Competent, clear and adapted to the native speaker translation it is our financial accuracy of your documents!

  • Translation of analytical review market;


  • Translation of economical article;


  • Translation of marketing material;


  • Translation of business plan;


  • Translation of bidding documents
  • Translation of invoice;


  • Translation of way-bill;


  • Translation of price-list;


  • Translation of credit agreement;


  • Translation of checks;


  • Translation of feasibility study;


  • Translation of bank card account statement;


  • Translation of a card statement;


  • Translation of confirmation of overseas spending;


  • Translation of salary certificate;


  • Translation of earnings certificate and others;


Let us help you to translate the following types of documents:​

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