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Equipment and technologies

      Technical translation is one of the most complex and time-consuming types of translation. Skills of the expert do not limit only by knowledge of terminology but include the understanding of the processes described within the document. The demands to the translation of technical texts are also high enough. They are much higher than to other areas of translation. Polysemy (multiple meanings) of the terms supposes the knowledge which field of science and technology the term belongs to. It supposes an adequate use.  It is very important to enunciate a theme in a clear and understandable way.


      Translators from the EXPERT company may realize any professional translation of technical texts of any complexity, topics, and areas. At the beginning of the work, we determine the specialist which previously had writing or oral experience within the order theme. Each of our experts is a highly qualified and experienced professional.

  • layout setting in accordance with the original is also our service, which is frequently accompanied by a translation of technical documentation. If your order requires a transfer of schemes, explanatory images, tables, and drawings figure, we will help to make the translation as much identical to the original document as possible. 
  • Translation of technological text from/to English, German and more than 20 languages;


  • Translation of a fitments tool instruction;


  • Translation of a written standard;


  • Translation of commercial drawing;


  • Translation of sketchs, layouts, schematics;


  • Translation of annotations;


  • Translation of a Quality certificate;


  • Translation of a commercial proposal of technology path;


  • Translation of regulatory documents;


  • Translation of a technical presentation;


  • Translation of an engineering instruction;


  • Translation of any GOSTs (all-Union State Standard);


  • Translation of a manual;

  • Translation of accompanying documents;


  • Translation of a user guide;


  • Translation of scientific articles;


  • Translation of an Authentication Certificate;


  • Translation of patent documentation;


  • Translation of design and construction documents;


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