legal. constitutional documents


Legal Translation

  • Translation of statute;


  • Translation of constituent documents;


  • Translation of certificate of title registration;


  • Translation of an insurance;


  • Translation of a certificate ( of birth, marriage certificate, certificate of divorce and others);


  • Translation of a special legal literature;


  • Translation of case file of an investigation;


  • Translation of an authorization certificate;


  • Translation of proprietary rights and others.

      In order to perform a high-quality legal translation, an expert is required to have not only the excellent knowledge of the foreign language but also to know a good thing of jurisprudence, to know all the ins and outs of the current legislation. Translation of any legal document requires knowledge of specific wording and specific legal terms. Not only knowledge is important, but also an understanding of how to use a particular terminology in each case. Such an important understanding gives to the translator an experience which may number in the years of practice.


    Legal translation, being identical to the original version of a document, shall be accurate and be prepared in accordance with all regulations.  Since it defines the way of action and rules for resolving disputes, the principles of behaviour under certain conditions. In this direction, there are no details of the concept, because any mistake can distort the meaning of the document, lead to rejection by the competent authorities, and ultimately lead to significant losses.


      Placing an order in the office of EXPERT, you definitely trust to professionals with extensive experience in translation of legal documentation. We have developed a multi-stage control system, allowing us to trace the accuracy of factual information and the unity of terminology. All of this is in order to hand over you a translation of the top quality.



Let us help you to translate the following types of documents:

  • Translation of a power of attorney;


  • Translation of a claim (statement);


  • Translation of an insurance;


  • Translation of a contract;


  • Translation of an agreement;


  • Translation of a lawsuit;


  • Translation of an act;


  • Translation of a decision of the court;


  • Translation of a juridical article;


  • Translation of an audit report;
  • Translation of records;


  • Translation of a record of proceedings (protocol);


  • Translation of a decree of the court;


  • Translation of a service document;


  • Translation of legal findings;


  • Translation of patent, patent documentation;


  • Translation of a certificate;


  • Translation of a memorandum;


  • Translation of laws, legislative instruments;
Translation of a procuratory;

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