Localization of website


Localization of website

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       Pressing need of competent and quality translation of website and of other software is a relatively new feeling for the business world, but its popularity is getting ever increasing. Nowadays practically each company has its representative office on the Internet, whether it is a multifunctional web resource or information page or has a communication simply through social networks. The Internet really simplifies the interaction with the customer, increases the coverage of the intended users not only to other cities but also to the countries. Therefore, a translation into a foreign language of a Website is one of the most popular services of our translation agency.


       Localization of the website is a way to re-create an identical copy but in another language. English is the most frequently used as is a way of international communication. The second and the third places are divided between the Chinese and the Polish. We are able to localize your website with the help of a native speaker.


        The website is a face of the company. So we are greatly responsible for every word that comes out of the "pen" of the translators.  Website translation process is rather laborious and time-consuming procedure, where the most experienced specialists are involved. Proving the Double Quality Control, we verify our translated texts with the help of editors in order to ensure to your resource a steady access to foreign markets and to attract the maximum number of foreign customers!


Particularities of web-sites localization:

        EXPERT translation agency provides language support of the Internet resources: translation of materials of any nature on a regular basis:


  • translation of the content, textual information, hyperlinks, picture descriptions, flash-animation, text to video sequence;


  • website support on a full-time basis;


  • translation of website internals: title, description, keywords;


  • content optimization for Google and Yandex requests;


  • design of the English page of the website.