Medical Translation


     The EXPERT agency has been working towards medical translation. We have a vast database of translators and editors of the medical sphere into various languages of the world. The topics are quite diverse: pharmaceuticals, medical biology, biochemistry, and technical medicine. Our experts carry out translations of any complexity and direction: from the simplest medical certificates and conclusions to complex research papers.


      Medical translation is one of the most popular, but at the same time is the most challenging direction of our practice. Documents are saturated with special terms, and the situation often is such that handwriting is clear only to specialists. Accuracy is one of the most important criteria during the work since any misinterpretation can lead to an inaccurate diagnosis or inadequate interpretation of important information.


      Placing an order in the EXPERT agency you trust the professionals with extensive experience. All the translations are either performed by specialists with medical education or subsequently, are proofread by medical editors. We have developed a multi-stage control system which allows us to trace the accuracy of factual information and the unity of terminology in order to provide you with a really high-quality translation.


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Our services for medical translation of documents:

  • Translation of investigation findings;


  • Translation of clinical trial results;


  • Translation of guidelines and procedures materials;


  • Translation of a license for pharmaceuticals;


  • Translation of a certificate of quality on health care products;


  • Translation of past medical history;


  • Translation of a doctor's certificate;


  • Translation of peer-reviewed article;


  • Translation of a medical report;


  • Translation of a medical article;


  • Translation of a medical rating;


  • Translation of registration documents;


  • Translation of analytic data;


  • Translation of a medical trial;


  • Translation of package leaflet;


  • Translation of documentation to medical equipment;


  • Translation of clinical trials of medicinal products.