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         Notarial translation agency.  Only specialists with diplomas about certain profile work in this sphere. Notarial translation of documents passes the following stages:


•        Translation by itself in compliance with notarial requirements regarding the notarial translation of a document


•        Pinning the translation on the original or its copy


•        Putting signature and seal of a notary providing it with legal force at the territory of Ukraine.

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       The service is required to present foreign documents in Ukraine or to use documents issued by Ukraine abroad.  EXPERT translation agency provides a service of certified translation performed by highly experienced translators. Besides, we can notary certify your variant of translation after its check by our specialized proofreader.


       Notarial certification is performed at the notary office. It is the certification of a translator’s signature, lawfulness and ability to perform translation practice. At this, the notary does not certify the authenticity of the original itself. The copy of the document is enough for this service. The original remains with the Customer. 

        Tariff for such certification procedure includes notarial services as well as courier delivery to our office and is committed to UAH 90 for the standard language group and UAH 120 for higher complexity language group. 


      The situations are known when separate institutions require notary certified translation of a document after notarial certification of the copy of the latter. So you have to either certify the document at the notary’s yourself or to engage us to do this to avoid additional routine and queues. Cost of a notary certified copy constitutes UAH 50.

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How is notary certified translation of documents realized?

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