Transport and logistics


Transport and Logistics


      Usually, the transport company takes care of drawing up any transport documents for importing or exporting. In another way, the Customer himself is engaged in drawing up of such documents starting from the customs border to the final destination.


     Translation of the transport documentation is a variation of technical translation possessing its own peculiar features and difficulties. Only a trained professional is able to translate the documents according to orthographical correctness. Such kind of work along with knowledge of the specifics and all the rules must be done quickly and in an accurate way.


        Let us offer you a service of such translators, which are over the years specialized on that specific subject, fulfilling orders quickly and accurately. To escape any delay with your goods we execute our translation in the shortest possible time.


      Translators which fulfils the order have knowledge of different areas: economics, chemistry, law, etc. Therefore, specialists from EXPERT translation agency used to provide a top-quality work within a high-tempo rhythm and keeping all the rules of text design.



Let us help you to translate the following types of documents:

  • Translation of an Export Declaration;


  • Translation of a process instruction of schematic cargo delivery;


  • Translation of letters of advice;


  • Translation of agreements and understandings.


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  • Translation of transport documents;


  • Translation of a certificate of insurance;


  • Translation of customs documents;


  • Translation of a Vehicle Registration Certificate;


  • Translation material on vehicular accident;


  • Translation of an international consignment note;